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Alpinist Mountain Standard Award – Duckworth Snorkel Hood

Alpinist Mountain Standard Award – Duckworth Snorkel Hood
November 21, 2014 DuckworthCo

Maverick Snorkel Hood Duckworth Snorkel Hoody receives Gold Mountain Standard Award from Alpinist Magazine.

The Last Baselayer You’ll Need to buy – Crystal Sagan, Alpinist Magazine
“The versatility of the Maverick played a key role while hiking (a.k.a. sweating) uphill and making my way along a knife edge in Summit County, where winds picked up to near 35 mph, leaving little option other than getting low and waiting it out. Taking extra layers out of a pack at that point meant you risked half your gear flying away, so the Maverick’s features were crucial to staying warm. The snug-fitting hood (perfect for under a hat or helmet) with a zipper that comes all the way up to your chin, thumb loops to pull sleeves over your wrists and a slightly longer back side all help keep body heat in when weather turns chilly.”…

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  1. Albert 11 months ago

    I have this shirt and its one of the most versatile pieces of gear in my bag.

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