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Helle Rambouillet Merino Wool – Grown in Montana

Helle Rambouillet Merino Wool – Grown in Montana
August 21, 2014 DuckworthCo

Helle Rambouillet, (ram-boo-ley) is a third generation sheep ranch located in beautiful Southwest Montana. Our flock was derived from a naturally selected line of range lambing Rambouillet ewes. All of our sheep are performance tested to identify the genetics best suited for range conditions. We select our breeding stock for pounds of lamb weaned, rib eye muscle depth, and important wool qualities such as crimp, fiber diameter and staple length.

We have worked meticulously to improve the quality of our wool. Testing wool for fiber diameter, staple length, and fleece weight has allowed us to develop and maintain a reputational wool clip. Currently, our clip’s micron diameters are ranging between 18.4 and 20.5 (70’s and 80’s). This has brought us a premium on price and returned excellent LDP rates. Fiber diameter is not the only important characteristic to us. Staple length and crimp play a large role in our selection process as well. All of these wool characteristics help us determine comfort factor, which directly affects the quality of garments produced from our wool. Working closely with the Montana Wool Lab’s advanced optical fiber diameter measuring technology has allowed us to select breeding stock with exceptional wool qualities.

Based out of Dillon Montana, we are an outdoors oriented family with good old fashioned work ethics. We love hunting and fishing in the summer and we ski all winter. Acta non verba describes our family well. That’s why Duckworth is a perfect fit for us. We strive to provide quality breeding stock and now, best in class wool clothing.

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  1. Maureen 2 years ago

    Do you sell yarn for knitting?

    • Author
      DuckworthCo 2 years ago

      Hi Maureen,
      At this time we do not spin yarn for hand knitting. It is on our wish list, without an availability date at this time – but we’re working on it!

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