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A Way of Life

November 02, 2018 1 min read

A Way of Life

A Way of Life

Every Duckworth garment starts with the sheep, the people and the natural environment where the merino wool is grown. We wanted to share some beautiful images from this summer’s sheep trail in the mountains of Montana with you.

Adventure photographer Ace Kvale and writer Mary McIntyre, writer, came on Sheep Trail with us last July on assignment for Big Life Magazine to document and tell the story of “The Trail In”.

See the full photo slideshow below.


All photography by Ace Kvale. — View on Youtube.com

Sheep to Shelf ®  We manage the entire supply chain from the mountains to the finished product. Where other brands “buy” wool, we grow it!
Made in the USA – every Duckworth garment is proudly made entirely in the USA.
Tested and Proven – 365 days a year in the mountains of Montana we use our own products every day in extreme conditions of mountain life, diligently working to improve comfort and performance, please contact us with your feedback to help us make the best wool clothes in the world.
Acta Non Verba – live by actions not words, the mantra of the Duckworth founders.

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