Fire Season

August 20, 2018 2 min read

Fire Season


Late summer here in Montana and in other Western States has transitioned into fire season. Crews from all over the country (and the world) are fighting the many wildfires with extreme dry conditions setting the stage for more intense and fast spreading fires.

Ranchers work closely with the US Forest Service and fire fighters to control the many regional wildfires. We are all hoping for cooling temperatures and some rain to help control the fires and clear the dense smoky air and dark skies.

Our sincere Thank You to all who contribute to managing and fighting wildfires across our region and beyond. We appreciate all the hard work and your effort to keeping us, our livestock and surroundings safe.



When it comes to fire and safety wool is irreplaceable, non-flammable (It simply requires more oxygen than is available in the air to become flammable), it does not melt, drip, or stick to the skin when it burns, and is far more comfortable (and less-expensive) than the highly chemically treated alternatives.

100% merino wool is a critical part of the essential gear for professionals in the fire and safety fields; we are proud to know that Duckworth is contributing to the safety of firefighters in the extreme conditions.**

We just received our new fall production of Duckworth 100% pure merino styles – these are made from source-verified Montana merino with no added polyester or lycra. This is the real deal for purists and outdoor professionals who need and know the difference from the alternatives.

Maverick Tees, LS Crews and Leggigns are available for men, LS Crews and Leggings for women.

** If you are a fire fighting or other qualified professional, please apply to be part of our Pro Purchase Program (see more HERE – qualified professionals only).

Sheep grazing in the vicinity of a wildfire in Southwest Montana.

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