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Gear Patrol - Summer of Wool

April 11, 2018 1 min read

Gear Patrol - Summer of Wool


Duckworth Maverick Crew highlight in Gear Patrol

‘Merino wool has been called “a miracle fiber” enough times to make it a cliché. The pithy turn of phrase stems from merino’s inherent characteristics that make it an ideal fiber for outdoor and everyday wear: it’s quick drying, static resistant, breathable, naturally antimicrobial and the high-quality stock doesn’t itch. It’s also a naturally-occurring, renewable resource that can be harvested sustainably without harming the animals it comes from (due to centuries of domestication, sheep need to be shorn to survive). Actually, the cliché works; merino wool is a miracle fiber.

One falsity about merino wool is that it’s just for cold weather use, just for winter. It isn’t! All of the qualities that make merino wool perform on frigid days make it well-equipped for warm weather too. Wool can absorb up to one-third of its own weight in water and disperse it (think sweat), keeping wearers dry even in soggy conditions (think heavy summer humidity), while also resisting bacterial growth (when you do sweat, it won’t stink).

Sure, many merino wool products are designed specifically for low-temperature use, but there are also plenty of products that are perfect for the warm, sometimes oppressive heat of summer.’