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Under The Big Sky | Duckworth

May 14, 2019 1 min read

Duckworth Merino Wool - Under The Big Sky

 Raised and Shorn in Montana

The rural way of life is challenging. Attempting to sustain a family ranch across multiple generations can bring about some difficult complications.  The Helle family has run sheep on Carter Creek just outside of Dillon Montana for 5 generations now. The same area sheep were first brought into the State.  In this Under the Big Sky story, John and Even Helle share their strategies for keeping a family business going and what they each brought back to add value to the wool they raise and ultimately the Ranch they love.



Duckworth is the world’s only source-verified, single-origin, merino wool apparel company. Raised and shorn on the Helle ranch outside Dillon, MT as well as certified Duckworth Wool cooperative growers.


For more Under the Big Sky Content, visit: http://underthebigsky.com/duckworth/