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Who we are and where we are going

January 21, 2020 2 min read

Who we are and where we are going

Our Story 


The concept of Duckworth was founded on a ski hill with a mission to create versatile products that are made in the USA. Using high-quality Merino wool produced by the 4th generation Helle Ranch in Dillon, MT, our clothing is designed for superior performance with sustainability in mind. 

The Ranch

The Helles have perfected the breeding of Rambouillet sheep to produce a Merino wool that is soft and durable. Operating on public and private lands, they keep conservation and sustainability at the forefront of their management. Duckworth creates products that can be used every day on the ranch. If it is durable enough for Montana ranchers, we are confident it will work in any environment.

American Supply Chain

Duckworth’s Sheep-to-Shelf™ process instills mindfulness in every step of the supply chain.  Our premium Merino wool is cleaned and spun into yarn in the Carolina's, and turned into fabric before it’s cut and sewn into garments in both North Carolina and Illinois.  By keeping everything in the USA, we ensure high-quality production and limit our footprint by removing tens-of-thousands of miles from the supply chain. 

Montana Merino

The combination of Helle Rambouillet sheep and the diverse climate conditions in Montana make for a very unique wool.  The sheep move between elevations of 5,000’ and 9,000’, in temperatures ranging from -40 degrees in the winter to over 90 degrees in the summer.  The sheep wear the same fleece all year long.  

This combination of high altitude and extreme temperatures creates a wool with a long staple length, high curvature, and excessive crimp. These features produce yarns and fabrics that are very durable yet soft on your skin. 

Montana Lifestyle

Duckworth is based in Montana for a very specific reason: everything we love to do is right in our backyard. Whether you’re working on a ranch, skiing a local mountain, or spending time with friends around a fire, our Merino wool products will fit right in.