Maverick Balaclava

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Forest Green

This Merino Wool balaclava is the most practical piece of gear for all outdoor activities. Stuff this Maverick Balaclava in your pocket or pack for extra protection whenever needed. Worn as a gaiter it will keep your core warm and instantly stop the chill; as a balaclava it will protect your face and neck from biting wind or flying snow. Mountain warriors will not leave home without it. As a bonus, it's crafted of pure source-verified Montana-grown Merino Wool. The lightweight jersey is extra compact with articulated sides to pull up and down in a flash with no drag. Wear alone or under a helmet. American-made with Montana wool, this balaclava is available in Black or Shadow Gray.

Why Duckworth Maverick Fabric?


Composition: 100% Montana Merino Wool

Weight: 160 gsm

Cold water hand wash. Do not bleach. Dry flat or line dry only; do not tumble dry. Can be reshaped while wet.