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Made only with source-verified Montana Merino Wool, the Duckworth Sawtooth Shirt - a classic button down design with a Duckworth Merino twist - is the very definition of function meets fashion. Boasting a loose, comfortable fit and a brushed flannel wool composition that is extremely soft, yet durable, the Sawtooth is naturally rain and snow repellent, keeping you warm in any environment - perfect for those chilly backcountry nights, crisp mountain mornings, or cooler winter days spent at home with the family. Added bonus: 100% spun, woven, and stitched in the USA.

Why Duckworth Sawtooth Fabric?


Composition: 100% Montana Merino Wool

Weight: 370 gsm

Duckworth Merino Wool Mens Sizes

Spot clean as needed, or dry clean only.