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Men's Vapor Snorkel Hood

Sizing & Wool Care Guide
Standard Gray
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Attention all anglers, hikers, backpackers, hunters, skiers, snowboarders, runners, and climbers: Duckworth's Vapor Snorkel Hood is your perfect catchall garment, straddling the lines of solo layer, baselayer, and fashionable hoody to rock on a night out with friends or family. Featuring a loose-fit hood and a quarter-zip to let it all breathe, this versatile piece was born in Montana and has been performance tested in environments from Arizona to Alaska. Made with single-origin Montana Merino wool and our proprietary Vapor Wool fabric, the heathered-look Vapor Snorkel Hood is lightweight, soft, cooling, antimicrobial (odor-free), moisture-wicking, ultra-fast-drying, and 100% American-made. Need we say more?