Men's Polaris Hoody


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175 gsm - Outdoorsmen know the importance of staying warm and dry in all conditions while also looking sharp for the occasion. Duckworth's proprietary Polaris fabric, designed to trap warm air in the miniature waffle knit construction, complements the rugged styling of this timeless hoody design. The fit is relaxed, but not baggy, and the super soft waffle is meant to be worn directly on the skin. On hotter days, wear it as a solo layer and let it breathe, on colder days, use it as a baselayer. Odor-free, itch-free, moisture wicking, performance-driven, and versatile - the ideal garment for the dynamic outdoorsman. Did we mention the Polaris Hoody is made in America using the finest Montana-grown Merino Wool?

Why Duckworth Polaris Fabric?


Composition: 80% Montana Merino Wool, 20% American Polyester

Weight: 175 gsm

Duckworth Merino Wool Men's Sizes

Cold water hand wash. Do not bleach. Dry flat or line dry only; do not tumble dry. Can be reshaped while wet.