Women's WoolCloud Full Zip Hoody

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  • After a few goes in our WoolCloud Full Zip Hoody you'll never want another traditional down or synthetic-puff jacket again. Why? Well, when down (read: plucked bird feathers) gets wet, it becomes a mushy, wet ball, and when synthetic fillers get wet and worn, they become increasingly compressed, providing less insulation and less bang for your buck. WoolCloud, however, is filled with a proprietary Montana-grown Merino wool batting, which never loses its loft and insulation, and actually chemically becomes warmer as soon as it's introduced to water. That's right, the wetter it gets, the warmer. Lightweight and boasting a shell of 40 denier rip-stop polyester (water resistant), the WoolCloud Full Zip Hoody also features a paneled hood, two large hand pockets and a full zip front. The finished product: a versatile, warm, durable, breathable, tailored-fit jacket up to any foul weather task. Toss on an extra shell for when the rain starts going sideways, and you're guaranteed to stay warm and dry until the clouds part.
  • Why Duckworth WoolCloud Fabric?


    Composition: 80% Montana Merino Wool, 20% PET interior; 100% recycled Polyester shell and lining

  • Duckworth Montana Merino Wool Womens Sizes

    Spot clean as needed, or dry clean.