Duckworth Merino Wool Travel Gear Guide

A quick guide on why Merino Wool is best for travel.

Customer Review by Scott for the Duckworth Vapor Tee: “Just received my shirts, and promptly ordered 2 more. The fit is spot on, and they’re incredibly comfortable. These are the second set of wool T-shirts I’ve owned, and they feel lighter weight than the Icebreakers I had before (a good thing for what I need – the Icebreakers I had before were too warm for India/SE Asia).” 

Why Merino Wool is Best for Travel

Merino Wool is the best fiber for travel because of its thermo-regulating properties (keeps you comfortable in varying climates), the fiber is anti-static and wrinkle-resistant… and furthermore, Merino wool is anti-bacterial so it is odor-resistant as well. Which is beneficial as you do not have to wash your clothing as often, if at all. Often a rinse in a creek (or hotel room sink), or a night on the balcony (outside) is enough to freshen the garment for many additional days of wear.

A Travel Kit review by Outside Online on the Vapor Hoody.

Versatile Comfort

One of the major benefits of Merino wool is its uses in keeping you warm in winter. However often overlooked is the fact that wool actually keeps you cool in summer too. The seasonal versatility of Merino wool keeps you comfortable in a range of climates and conditions. The structure of the Merino wool fiber allows for air-trapping space, creating a micro-climate, or a buffer, between skin and air resulting in a 1 to 2 degree celsius comfort buffer.

Wool as a summer fabric is not new; desert nomads have worn wool for centuries. The light weight and breathability make Merino wool far more comfortable  in warm conditions than polyesters or synthetics. Wool’s high breathability makes it perfect for conditions where wicking and comfort are critical. reviewed the Duckworth Vapor Tee and chose it as the Comfiest Tee!

Easy Care/ Fast Drying / Stain Resistance

Lightweight Vapor Wool™ is a lightweight, quick drying fabric – at the end of the day, rinse in the creek or a hotel room sink, hang it on the shower rod (or hanger for even quicker dry…) and the shirt is dry by morning. No need to pack many shirts – key benefit of Merino wool for travel and when carry-on only travel is in question.

Our 100% Merino wool Maverick styles require far less washing than cotton or synthetics, due to anti-microbial qualities of wool fiber – washing is often not even necessary during travel! The natural profile of Merino wool denies the odor causing bacteria (ammonia) the moist environment to thrive and deprives them of the damp environments to multiply. Because wool is constantly drawing the moisture up and away from your body, it prevents the sweat molecule from forming and bonding to the surface of your clothing. Hence, no stink!


Needless to say, when traveling, weight matters. A couple of versatile and lightweight Vapor Wool™ shirts that you can layer with (depending on your destination) do the trick. Vapor Hoodyis perfect for sunshade and cover in a cool breeze, while the Vapor Tee is a staple for any occasion. Now, the Vapor Polo is a great collared option – not too formal, but smart enough for casual business attire.

A review from Cool Hunting on the Duckworth Vapor Wool pieces on a trip to the Gobi Desert: “Packing has been key. We were instructed to bring less than 90 liters of gear overall. That means one pair of travel clothes for the extremely long journey—more than 50 hours from our NYC door to the Gobi desert. We’ll wear the same clothes on the journey home, too. So we went with the Vapor Snorkel Hood, Vapor Tee, and Vapor Briefs from Duckworth, a Montana-based company which has changed the way we travel. The Merino wool is entirely grown in Big Sky Country, and sewn in the US. It is mega-comfortable and stink free. It couldn’t have been more comfy on our long plane hours.”

Style and Function / Wrinkle-Free

Our lightweight Vapor Wool™ clothing is ideal for travel as the garments smooth out any packing induced wrinkles quickly while wearing – no more ironing or steaming your clothes in your hotel room!

A Vapor Polo Customer Review: “Absolutely perfect shirt. I wore this for most of a 9-day trip to Greece. It stayed cool, comfortable, and odor free despite 90-degree days with high humidity. The fit is perfect and it looks great. This shirt has established itself as one of my absolute necessities for everyday wear and a do-it-all travel shirt.” by Brett


Men's Merino Travel Guide

mens vapor tee

Mens Vapor Tee  

High performance, patented Vapor Wool fabric is lightweight, no-stink, and ultra fast drying. The heathered tri-blend fabric looks great hanging out or being put to the test in any demanding outdoor condition.

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Mens Vapor Brief

Nothing keeps you more comfortable than all-natural, chemical free wool. Having wool against your skin that's dry, soft, and breathable is paramount to keeping you cool where it counts.

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Mens Maverick Tee 

This versatile relaxed-fit crew neck tee is lightweight, breathable and designed to regulate temperature in all conditions. Crafted for high performance but perfect for any endeavor.

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Women's Merino Travel Guide


womens vapor teeWomens Vapor Tee 

A soft ultra-lightweight blend of pure Montana wool and engineered fibers turns this sporty fit tee into a classic. With a heathered look and all natural stretch, this is a favorite that'll last.

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womens vapor briefWomens Vapor Brief 

Women's Vapor Brief combines style and comfort. Starting with our custom blended yarn of Montana grown Merino wool (natural, breathable) with polyester and cellulose (fast drying, washable). 

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womens maverick crew


Womens Maverick Crew

Crafted for high performance but perfect for any endeavor, enhanced with underarm panels for movement and comfort. The naturally antimicrobial profile of wool means it needs less washing and will not stink. 

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