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100% Montana-grown and 100% American-made, Duckworth is proud to be the world's only source-verified, single-origin Merino Wool clothing company.

Starting at our ranch in Dillon, Montana, our open-range Montana Merino sheep live between 5,000’ and 9,500’ in elevation and endure temps ranging from -40 to over 90 degrees Fahrenheit, grazing on natural grasses and Montana wildflowers found on remote mountainsides. The unpredictable and rugged conditions of the Northern Rockies result in a rare Merino Wool: an incredibly soft, yet durable, fiber with exceptional loft and breathability thanks to an unparalleled degree of "crimp" within the fleece.

Using best-in-the-world-quality Merino Wool - produced by our co founders, The Helle Family, fourth-generation sheep ranchers from Dillon, Montana - our apparel is designed for superior performance with stewardship, sustainability and 100% American-made craftsmanship at front of mind.

Follow Duckworth’s manufacturing process and you’ll see that it’s unlike the majority of wool-apparel makers, which source their wool from Down Under (most often Australia or New Zealand), send it to China to be turned into clothing, and then ship it to the U.S. to be sold....The climate of the Rockies in Montana—hot, dry summers paired with freezing winters—nurtures wool that’s not only soft and breathable, but is naturally more crimped than other wool on the market, aiding its durability.

- Outside Magazine