Women's Snowcrest Shirt

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Duckworth's handmade, 100% Montana-grown Merino Wool Snowcrest Shirt is the epitome of fine wool apparel artisanship: American-made at one of the nation's oldest woolen mills (dating back to the 19th century) using a proprietary ultra-thick wool cloth, this shirt is naturally water, snow, and wind resistant - the ideal choice for those hoping to look sharp, even when the elements have other plans. Oversized just enough to be worn over an undershirt, yet soft enough to be worn next to skin, the Snowcrest Shirt will become an instant cold weather go-to. Rock it for outdoor tasks around the house, for drinks out on the town, or both, it's your choice - this timeless classic will only enhance even the deepest of wardrobes.

Why Duckworth Snowcrest Fabric?


Composition: 100% Montana Merino Wool

Weight: 710 gsm

Duckworth Merino Wool Women's Sizing Chart

Spot clean as needed, or dry clean only.