Men's WoolCloud Vest

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After a few goes in our WoolCloud Vest you'll never want another traditional down or synthetic-puff jacket again. Why? Well, when down (read: plucked bird feathers) gets wet, it becomes a mushy, wet ball, and when synthetic fillers get wet and worn, they become increasingly compressed, providing less insulation and less bang for your buck. WoolCloud, however, is filled with a proprietary Montana-grown Merino Wool batting, which never loses its loft and insulation, and actually chemically becomes warmer as soon as it's introduced to water. Lightweight, relaxed-fit, and boasting a nylon rip-stop shell (water resistant), the WoolCloud Vest features a metal snap front, two welt hand pockets and one inside chest pocket (perfect for a phone). The finished product: a versatile, warm, durable, and breathable vest perfect for outdoor and casual needs in all four seasons. Wear it as a layer under a heavier coat or wear it over a button-down for a night out - there are no wrong answers.

Why Duckworth WoolCloud Fabric?


Composition: 80% Montana Merino Wool, 20% PET interior; 100% Nylon shell and lining

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