Men’s Merino Wool Clothing

Duckworth’s men’s Merino Wool clothing line consists of a variety of styles, weights, and uses for outdoorsmen or men looking to stay warm (or cool) while working or recreating outside. Starting with our lightweight men’s wool layers, which can be worn as a base layer or an individual wool layer, these men’s wool long sleeve shirts, short sleeve shirts, briefs, leggings and sun hoodies are great at keeping the body cool and thermoregulated in a variety of climates. 

Our midweight men’s wool base layers, consisting of men’s wool crew necks, sweatshirts, henleys, and hoodies, thermoregulate the body, wick moisture, dry quickly, and stop odor. Thanks to our soft Montana Merino Wool, they do this all with no itching. Finally, our heavyweight men’s wool layers, shirts, jackets, and vests keep the body warm and protected, even on the coldest winter days.

Our men’s collection spans wool long-sleeved shirts, wool short-sleeved shirts, wool underwear, wool leggings, wool vests, wool jackets, wool hoodies, wool sun hoodies, wool socks, wool sweatshirts, wool hats, and 100% Merino Wool button-downs. There’s a men’s wool base layer or outer layer for every outdoor need, from skiing to fishing, hiking to backpacking, running to biking, and just lounging at home.