Maverick 100% Merino Wool Layers

Duckworth has perfected the holy grail of baselayers. Aptly dubbed “Maverick,” this 100% Merino Wool fabric has set the bar for the entire industry, as none of our competitors can claim this exceptional pairing: 100% Merino Wool (grown on our ranch in Montana, of course) and 100% made in the USA. Let's remember what Duckworth wool can do for you: moisture-wicking, incredibly soft, no-itch, odor-free, and super warm baselayer performance for any outdoor sporting discipline. These layers can be incorporated into any layering system or worn individually for some quality wool thermoregulation. ⁣

Our 100% Merino Wool Maverick and Maverick Peak lines are available in men’s wool tees, men’s wool long sleeve crew necks, and men’s wool leggings, as well as women’s wool tees, women’s wool long sleeve crew necks, and women’s wool leggings. Bonus: the Maverick line also sports a balaclava and neck gaiter for the coldest days.