Women's Maverick Legging


These slim-fitting Maverick Leggings are a 100% Merino Wool baselayer, perfected to keep your legs toasty and dry. Duckworth's unique Merino Wool has a high degree of "crimp", which leads to a more stretchy fabric. These Merino Wool leggings are moisture-wicking, incredibly soft, no-itch, odor-free, and super warm. Whether you're hitting the slopes or working in harsh outdoor conditions, Merino Wool leggings with help keep you warm and comfortable all day long. Made in the USA, the Maverick Leggings also feature a brushed waistband for exceptional comfort.

Why Duckworth Maverick Fabric?


Composition: 100% Montana Merino Wool

Weight: 160 gsm

Duckworth Merino Wool Women's Sizing Chart

Cold water hand wash. Do not bleach. Dry flat or line dry only; do not tumble dry. Can be reshaped while wet.