Men's Wool Leggings & Bottom Layers

Duckworth’s men’s Merino Wool leggings and bottom layers represent several styles and fabrics. Starting with our lightweight Merino Vapor fabric, our Men’s Vapor Briefs are the most-comfortable men’s wool underwear (or men’s underwear, period) on the market. They’re lightweight, cooling, supportive, and quick-drying. Our Men’s Comet Leggings are a high-tech wool legging baselayer to be worn under work pants or snow pants, busting sweat and odor while providing tons of warmth, softness, and comfort. ⁣
Our Men’s Powder Pants feature a wool fleece legging tech, acting like a pair of wool sweatpants (or an extremely warm layer to be worn under pants). The Men’s Maverick Legging and Men’s Maverick Peak Legging are 100% Merino Wool legging layers unlike any other. They’re known for wicking moisture, crushing odor, and quickly drying while providing plenty of warmth and softness one would expect from American-made quality wool leggings. Need some Merino Wool socks to add to the layering system? Our wool socks come in several weights and shapes, from wool hiking socks and wool athletic socks to wool skiing socks and wool ankle socks. ⁣