Men's Maverick Tee

Forest Green

The Maverick Tee is a 100% Merino Wool t-shirt that can be worn as a baselayer or as a standalone shirt. Thanks to Duckworth's high-quality Merino Wool, this shirt is moisture-wicking, incredibly soft, no-itch, odor-free, and super warm. Whether you're hitting the slopes or the town, Merino Wool t-shirt is perfect for any occasion. American-made with Montana wool, this men's T-shirt is available in multiple colors.

Why Duckworth Maverick Fabric?


Composition: 100% Montana Merino Wool

Weight: 160 gsm

Duckworth Merino Wool Men's Sizes

Cold water hand wash. Do not bleach. Dry flat or line dry only; do not tumble dry.