First off, if you don't know what Sheep Trail is by now, we're firing our marketing team.⁣

Second, PLEASE READ EVERYTHING CAREFULLY: Sheep Trail is not for everyone.

Sheep Trail, is by definition, one of the last true Odysseys of American agriculture, a grueling 8 day stretch in which our ranchers and founders - The Helles (along with countless horses, sheep dogs, guard dogs and seasoned shepherds) - move some 10,000 sheep from the prairie and up over a rugged Montana alpine range. Few, if any, operations continue this open-range-style legacy today. 

And for good reason: It's tough going.

⁣An excerpt from an old blog post chronicling this epic tale:⁣


Sheep Trail, a title encompassing everything from the time-honored methodology employed by The Helles to the actual physical trail itself, is entirely at the mercy of Mother Nature, in which rain, snow, hail, wildfire, dizzying heat and drought, roaring rivers, steep cliffs, grizzly and black bears, wolves, mountain lions, coyotes, foxes and even eagles can alter progress in a moment’s notice.⁣

If any of those elements should join forces in conspiring against the mission…well, the effects can be devastating - both in loss of life but also overall morale. ⁣


Not much of a reader, eh? Well, here's a video for you, you bum. ⁣



So, you still want to join and see this story up close? Want us to cover all your expenses, from flights, to lodging, to grub? The rules are simple. 


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  5. Cross those fingers and get prepped for an epic Montana backcountry adventure like no other. Can't wait to get you out there with us. 


Note: While Sheep Trail typically is an 8 day journey, you will join for three of the most-climactic days, in which the terrain is most arduous and beautiful, summiting a 10,000' mountain twice and then descending down the backside. 

In the meantime, after you complete your entry, check out some of the very same Merino layers Sheep Trail makes possible (mostly so marketing team does not get fired). See below:


*Duckworth reserves the right to cancel the contest at any time and for any cause.