It's a fact: the Duckworth family gets after it. Since our founding some eight years ago, our American-made Merino layers have supported a tradition of outdoor adventuring unlike any other, one that starts all the way at the the source - the Helle Family, our founders and sheep ranchers - and flows mightily through the entire DW clan, a torch carried ultimately by our customers (like you).

Along the way, the marriage of backcountry conditions, intrepid spirit, and our layers have formed the backbone of many a story, countless #RUGGEDYARNS worth retelling over meals and crackling fires. 

Now is your time to get them out there (and win big in the process). We're putting out a call-to-entry for your best content from those epic tales: photos, videos, written word. They all play. 

Prizes and rules are as follows: 


Duckworth will cover up to $1,000 worth of expenses for either a Ski Trip* or Camping Trip**, including flights, meals, rides and accommodations.

*The Ski Trip will coincide with our annual Shear N' Shred event, where the winner will see first-hand how we harvest our premium Merino fleece at the ranch in Dillon, Montana. The event culminates with a ski day at a local, beloved slope, the birthplace of the brand, and a stay at a classic lodge and hot springs tucked into the very same mountains from which many of our products get their namesake. 

**The Camping Trip will take place in the summer months, in the rugged Gravelly Mountains of Southwest Montana, aka the summer grazing grounds of our sheep herds. The winner will eat and drink heartily under Montana stars, meet the sheep herders and ranchers, go on hikes, fish for local cutthroat trout, and enjoy the beautiful Montana surroundings. The trip will either begin or conclude with a tour of the ranch.


A $200 Gift Card for the Duckworth Store


We are encouraging multiple forms of entry (multiple entries are also encouraged, but only one of each category, please!)

1. Written Word (Accompanied by Photos) - 15 possible points: Write us 350+ words about an epic, Duckworth-fueled story from the backcountry or field (any season, any activity, any time of day). Proofreading is a must, and submissions must be accompanied by at least one photo from the trip (the more photos the merrier, and they can only enhance your final score!...we understand sometimes the layers are obscured by outer layers, so no worries if Duckworth isn't always visible in the photos). Brownie points for those who breakdown the exact gear they were wearing and why it worked so well for the conditions. Scoring will be assessed by the DW team, based on story, writing chops, and accompanying photo(s) quality.

2. Video Content - 10 possible points: Send us a video from your adventure(s). It can be as creative as you want, comprising just one shot or multiple, with natural sound or music. Standard iPhone/Android vertical (9:16 ratio) footage encouraged! Brownie points for posting it on your Instagram with a killer caption and the #RUGGEDYARNS & #DuckworthCo hashtags!

3. Photo Content - 5 possible points:  Send us a photo(s) from your adventure(s) (up to three). Brownie points for posting them on your Instagram with a killer caption(s) and the #RUGGEDYARNS & #DuckworthCo hashtags!

How to Submit:

All submissions should be emailed to contest@duckworthco.com, along with any links to relevant social media posts. Once submitted, the DW team will post the best-of-the-best to our journal and social media accounts, for the Duckworth community to admire, enjoy...and envy! All submissions must be received by Feb. 25, 2022