Best Merino Wool Layers for Camping & Backpacking

October 27, 2023 3 min read

Best Merino Wool Layers for Camping & Backpacking

When venturing into the wilderness camping and backpacking, there is no compromise when it comes to your safety and comfort. These kinds of adventures demand the utmost respect for nature's unpredictability. In the backcountry, your clothing is more than just attire; it's your fortress against the elements, a layer of protection, and a guarantee of comfort.

Merino Wool has long been favored by outdoor enthusiasts for its exceptional qualities because it is breathable, moisture-wicking, quick-drying, odor-resistant and extremely soft. 

At Duckworth, we understand the importance of preparation. Consider us your trusted expert in the field of producing men’s and women’s clothing for camping and backpacking, and advising on Merino Wool fabrics that you can use to create the perfect layering system. 

Polaris Crew Shirt

Your camping outfit's foundation rests on a quality base layer, and our Polaris Crew is undoubtedly one of the best choices you can make. The Women’s and Men’s Polaris Crew  are crafted from a blend of 80% Merino Wool and 20% nylon, this unique and versatile fabric is engineered with a waffle knit construction, offering more than just temperature regulation; it adds a touch of rugged style to your camping attire, making it perfect for those cozy evenings by the campfire. Our Women’s Polaris Crew boasts a slim-fit design that's tailor-made for layering.

Vapor Tee

The Vapor Tee is more than just a shirt; it's a versatile and high performance companion designed to keep you cool and comfortable, no matter how challenging your outdoor adventures may be. With the exceptional properties of Merino Wool, it not only keeps you cool but dries quickly, ensuring your comfort even when you break a sweat or find yourself caught in unexpected rain. Duckworth offers the Vapor Tee for men and Women, because we believe that everyone should have access to merino wool layers.

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WoolCloud Jacket

Duckworth’s WoolCloud Jackets and Vests are filled with our proprietary Merino Wool batting which never loses its loft and insulation. Traditional down and synthetic puffy jackets lose their insulating properties once they get wet. Wool however, becomes warmer as soon as it's introduced to water. Lightweight, packable and boasting a nylon water-resistant shell, this Merino Wool jacket is a versatile, warm, durable, breathable, sport-fit Merino Wool jacket that stands up to whatever Mother Nature throws at you. Toss on the WoolCloud Full Zip Jacket when the rain starts going sideways and you're guaranteed to stay warm and dry until the clouds part. American-made with Montana wool, Woolcloud is available for both men and women, in our jackets and vests, in multiple colors.

Vapor Briefs

No camping outfit is complete without the most important base layer - underwear! The Vapor Briefs are moisture-wicking, odor-resistant underwear that will keep you feeling fresh and comfortable throughout your journey. These briefs are designed to provide ultimate comfort and performance, even during extended trips in nature. The Men's Vapor Briefs boast a brushed waistline and functional fly, and the Women’s Vapor Briefs have a low-rise fit. These Merino Wool undergarments are great for multi-day trips when you need underwear that can stay fresh and dry.

Your outdoor experience should be defined by equal parts function and comfort, and the Duckworth layering system is the epitome of that philosophy. Whether you're hiking, camping, backpacking, or simply enjoying the great outdoors, our high-quality Montana-grown, American-made merino wool layers offer the perfect combination of comfort, performance and style for both men and women. Explore our whole collection and choose the perfect fit for your adventure. Duckworth has you covered with the best layers, no matter your destination.