Our Maxim: There is No Such Thing as Bad Weather, Only Bad Clothing

August 18, 2021 2 min read

Our Maxim: There is No Such Thing as Bad Weather, Only Bad Clothing

Meandering rivers, expansive valleys, stoic plains, and towering alpine scenery constitute a perennial backdrop to life here in Montana, one that frequently leaves us in awe of the natural world. Frankly, it's a feeling impossible to ignore when surrounded by rugged and untouched abundance, as if those spaces demand reverence and we humbly oblige every time.

Storm clouds on the horizon? No problem.

Moreover, they leave us with a recognition: boy, are we lucky to call this place home. However, with epic vistas and rich adventures around every corner comes great potential for disaster, especially when one isn’t properly equipped for the weather. A Norse proverb states, “there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing,” and few Montanans understand the essence of these words better than the Helle family.

John Helle takes a breather to pet a sheepdog on the ranch.

It's not just because the family happens to have Scandinavian roots: Thanks to preparedness, our co-founders and fourth-generation Montanan sheep ranchers, the Helles, thrive year-after-year at their ranch in Dillon, despite the very worst weather Mother Nature can muster. We're talking more punishing hail storms, incessant rain, skin-frying summer droughts, brutal tree-warping winds, and white-out blizzards than most would ever care to endure. The family has remained resilient to the demands of their lands through the simple acknowledgment that wool clothing can prove a silver bullet. 

Just like the steadfast ranchers who have raised them, our Merino Wool sheep - the single-origin wool fiber source of our apparel - serve as a paragon of remaining adaptable and "prepared" in the ever-changing conditions they face. These sheep have spent a lifetime grazing on pastures and in the mountains of Montana's Rocky Mountains, exposed to the elements year-round. From hail to sleet, gale-force-winds and hundred-degree heat, these sheep have seen it all. And it's to the huge benefit of our premium Merino Wool clothing: it may come as surprise to some of our fanbase that the more environmental stress a sheep endures, the higher quality wool the sheep will develop. This is what sets our wool, and therefore the clothing it produces, above the rest.

Return from the river. 

A small flock of our Merino Sheep await shearing. 

In the same way our sheep remain protected by their natural coats, Merino Wool apparel is dynamic and adapts to the weather for you, providing a soft, breathable, moisture-wicking layer that can cool you down in the heat and trap plenty of warmth in the bitter cold, handling the spectrum between with ease. 

When the Helle family first immigrated to Montana and began ranching sheep, they quickly understood the need to prepare for the volatility of Montana’s weather and recognized the importance of dressing like their lives depended on it. And after decades of producing incredible quality wool, the solution to their weather-based woes, the Helle family knew they had something special that needed to be shared. Such is the origin of Duckworth, a brand bearing an incredible legacy and story, a brand with a mission to equip all wearers for the challenges faced out in the great wild places of the world.

Ice climbing never looked so good.