Partnership with Montana State University Wool Lab

January 29, 2024 1 min read

Partnership with Montana State University Wool Lab

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond the finished product—it begins at the source. Since our inception, we’ve partnered with the Montana State University (MSU) Wool Lab, a collaboration that exemplifies our dedication to producing the finest Merino Wool garments.

msu wool lab

Every year, at shearing time, we take a pioneering approach by quantitatively testing each sheep's fleece. We do this in conjunction with leading experts at the MSU Wool Lab. Through this meticulous process we analyze critical factors such as micron, comfort factor, crimp, and staple length. The data gathered empowers us to sort our wool with unparalleled precision, ensuring that each yarn and final Duckworth product is tailored for optimal technical design and purpose.

Our latest breakthrough comes with the evolution of our Powder line. We've turned over stones to ensure that our stitch construction matches our garment’s functional purpose. We enhanced our stitching in high stress zones to easily handle the most demanding endeavors.

hand spun merino wool

Collaborating with the expertise at the MSU Wool Lab, we utilized specialized equipment to rigorously test the strength of our new stitching. Our testing confirmed that our latest stitch construction is our strongest yet surpassing expectations for durability and toughness. This validation reinforces our commitment to providing you with premium, high-performance Merino Wool products that easily tackle the harshest conditions.

Our relationship with the MSU Wool Lab is integral in our push to revitalize the American Wool Industry. The insights we gather through this relationship bring unrivaled confidence that the garments you rely on are meticulously crafted from sheep to shelf.