VIDEO: Duckworth Merino Wool apparel - Shearing

April 12, 2023 1 min read

VIDEO: Duckworth Merino Wool apparel - Shearing



Wearing wool clothing is nothing new. Wool has been on people's backs with close to 9,000 years.

Duckworth was founded here in Dillon, Montana with fourth generation sheep ranchers, the Halle family. This fleece is in many ways a miracle fiber, it's something that nature produced to keep these animals safe when they're out there in the mountains themselves.

To me shearing sheep is the beginning of a new cycle for the new year. We're getting the wool off of them so they've got a nice summer coat.

We're bringing together this shear and shred event where we can bring everybody in.

Bring them here to the shed, we get their hands dirty working wool working with the sheep and it brings it all home.

My grandparents sold raw wool and my parents sold raw wool. We still operate like they have, you know, hundreds or even thousands of years ago.

It allows everybody to be more invested in the process and to really fully understand it.