VIDEO: Polaris Waffle Knit Merino Fabric

April 03, 2023 2 min read

VIDEO: Polaris Waffle Knit Merino Fabric



Howdy folks. Here to talk about another of Duckworth's fabrics. This time we're going to talk about Polaris.

Polaris is a very unique, one-of-a-kind fabric in the Merino world, in that it is a waffle weave. Something that you will not see anywhere else in the marketplace. And the reason we designed this fabric is to do one thing, which is to make a very light, air-trapping fabric that gives you a lot of insulation for a minimal amount of weight.

And the reason that works is that waffle weave, which you can see here in this fabric, is designed to do one thing. It creates a lot of air pockets on both the outer facing surface and the surface against your skin, and all that trapped air creates insulation. Think of a puffy jacket. The reason you wear a puffy jacket is because it traps there to keep you warm. This fabric does the same exact thing.

This is a fabric that is made of 80% Merino Wool, 20% polyester. It is going to be, because of that blend, a very durable fabric and you can see just by the weight of the way the fabric looks it is very light and airy. So this is a great base layer to wear if you want just a little extra warmth in your fabric. Also as you can see, it is a very interesting looking fabric: it looks good on because of the texture on it. So I highly recommend this for use in a little bit cooler climate because it's going to trap so much air. But all in all a fantastic fabric.