VIDEO: Powder Merino Wool Fleece Fabric

April 03, 2023 1 min read

VIDEO: Powder Merino Wool Fleece Fabric



Hello again, folks. Here to talk yet again about another Duckworth fabric, this time we are going to talk about Powder. 

Simply put, Powder is Duckworth's version of a wool fleece. It is comprised of 50% wool, 30% acrylic and 20% polyester to create a very soft, lofty fabric that traps a lot of air, that has an incredible amount of insulation property. You can use this fabric either as the most ultimate base layer. If you want to go out ice fishing when it's 30 below zero and you want to wear something underneath your overalls this would be something you could wear. Or if you want to wear it just as a casual wool fleece sweatshirt you can wear it there as well.

It is of all of our fabrics probably has a cult following. Anybody that owns one piece of Powder typically will then own two or three. They're not just satisfied with one because it is so comfortable so soft and so warm. Of all the fabrics you can buy this is one you definitely want. If you don't have it right now, add it to your collection. It's wonderful stuff.