Celebrating Earth Day

April 21, 2021 2 min read

Duckworth Montana Merino Wool

If you were to ask John Helle, "would you trade your job for another?" you'd be met with a resounding "no." That might come as a surprise: The third generation Montana sheep rancher (and our co-founder) leads a life that champions crack-of-dawn early mornings and worked-to-the-bone late nights, often putting in seven days a week.⁣

duckworth montana merino sheep john helle cowboy hat

Duckworth Founder and third generation Montana rancher John Helle.

But it's where those moments are spent, his "office" in the heart of Montana's Rocky Mountains, that gets at the crux of his passion; think watercolor meadows of red, blue, white, yellow, pink, and purple wildflowers; towering, fragrant pine stands and shimmering aspen groves; scree- and snow-covered steeps; undulating hills of wild grasses; meandering creeks filled with trout and cool alpine pools; infinite prairie dotted with inveterate sagebrush.⁣

duckworth montana merino wool sunset flowers cowboy

Wildflower meadows: the summer home of our intrepid sheep herders.

Those intimate moments immersed in the splendors of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem have rendered him, his kin, and his business (us) Stewards of The Land, a phrase our fans and customers will be familiar with. But let's remember exactly what that means: an unwavering commitment to the sustainability and health of the landscapes we rely on, to never take them for granted, and to ceaselessly work to ensure their viability for generations to come.

duckworth merino wool sheep grass sage montana

Sheep among the Montana sagebrush and timber.

We seek to redefine what clothing can be, existing at the polar opposite of everything the incredibly wasteful and environmentally negligent "fast-fashion" industry stands for. Our clothes are built to last and perform, tapping sustainable fibers and low-impact processes right here in the U.S. - a combination of ethical practices even our competitors in the Merino Wool space simply can't match. And it all starts here, in mythical Montana, with total devotion and love for the lands we call home.

Merino sheep and lambs in Montana Prairie

Lambs, sheep and dogs alike brave the beautiful, rugged abundance of their home.