No Bad Weather Six Panel Hat

Military Green

The No Bad Weather Six Panel Hat features a crisp embroidered outline of Montana encapsulating words to live by, a snapback clasp, and (most importantly) a 100% American-made supply chain.

Previously, our ball caps were made inBangladesh. NO LONGER. Back in the day, we weren't aware of any high-quality American hat manufacturers, so we went with what was available to us at the time: We partnered with a USA-based company that outsourced production. Perhaps our focus to forge the finest American-made layers in the game using our premium Merino fleece took our eye off of that ball. There's no doubt about it, that was our bad, and we pulled those hats from the shop in early 2022. Well, after searching high and low, we found the right partner: a fully USA-made hat manufacturer crafting high-quality ball caps.