Men's WoolCloud Full Zip Jacket


After wearing the WoolCloud Full Zip Jacket you'll never want another traditional down or synthetic-puff jacket. Why? When down (which is made from bird feathers) gets wet it becomes a mushy ball, and when synthetic fillers get wet and worn down they become increasingly compressed, providing less insulation. On the other hand, the Duckworth WoolCloud Jacket is filled with a Merino Wool batting which never loses its loft and insulation, and becomes warmer as soon as it's introduced to water. Lightweight and boasting a nylon water-resistant shell, this Merino Wool jacket also features a paneled hood, two large insulated hand pockets, two large mesh inside pockets (perfect for a phone) and a full zip front. The finished product is a versatile, warm, durable, breathable, sport-fit Merino Wool jacket that stands up to whatever Mother Nature throws at you. Toss on the WoolCloud Full Zip Jacket when the rain starts going sideways and you're guaranteed to stay warm and dry until the clouds part. American-made with Montana wool, this men's jacket is available in multiple colors.

Why Duckworth WoolCloud Fabric?


Composition: 80% Montana Merino Wool, 20% PET interior; 100% Nylon shell and lining (imported)

Duckworth Merino Wool Mens Sizes

Spot clean as needed, or hand wash.