Knit Homespun Hat


Introducing our Knit Homespun Hat: the very epitome of Rocky Mountain, American-made Merino excellence. Starting with raw Merino fibers grown in the mountains of Southwest Montana (right on our ranch and in the adjacent prairie), the second leg of this story begins with our partners down in Wyoming - Mountain Meadow Wool Mill - a heritage, family-operated wool shop located smack-dab in the historic Powder River Basin. The end result? A 100% Merino Wool hat imbued with the spirit of the Greater Yellowstone in every knit. Complete with a leather Duckworth patch, the Knit Homespun is ready for rugged wilds and down days at the brewery.

*NOTE* This premium lid starts out with a tight fit, which is deliberate: after an hour or two of wearing, the wool is designed to stretch out to the dimensions of your noggin to provide an air-tight, performance-oriented, comfortable, custom fit (you don't want cold air and moisture creeping in when you're deep in the backcountry).