VIDEO: Vapor Lightweight, Warm-Weather Fabric

April 03, 2023 1 min read

VIDEO: Vapor Lightweight, Warm-Weather Fabric


Hey folks, I'm here to talk to you today about Duckworth's Vapor wool productswhich is what I have here on the table.

Vapor wool is a proprietary blend of Duckworths, where we combine 50 polyester, 38 Merino, and 12 Modall, to make a one-of-a-kind yarn that does something that wool generally doesn't want to do, which is to dry very quickly. It's also because it's a tri-blend, an incredibly durable fabric, an incredibly durable yarn. Vapor wool is best to be used when you are doing something active and where you're going to be perspiring, and you're going to be brushing up against stuff. You're going to be out doing things that normally a delicate fabric may not fare as well.

Because it is a tri-blend as I said, it's so durable. So this is a great fabric to buy if you're new to wool and you want to try out a piece, because it will last you so much longer than any other fabric that's out there that's made of wool because of the tri-blend. You want to use this basically in everyday application. You can wear this as a normal t-shirt but again its primary focus is to wear it when you're out being active sweating because it will dry very, very quickly.

So my advice is to you: start with this fabric and check it out. Use it in all kinds of conditions, don't be afraid to take it anywhere and use it for any purpose. And trust me you'll love this.